Ministries at First Reformed Church  
Ways to Worship, Grow and Serve...

At First Reformed Church, it really isn't about us, but how we as a church can be of service to you.  Find out about the many services and ministries that are available to you.

Worship:  We offer two different kinds of worship services on Sunday.  Our Traditional service, normally at 8:15AM, features a number of traditional elements including songs from hymnals and music from our choir.  Our Contemporary service, normally at 10:30AM, features a more informal setting with our Praise Team (Generations) performing mostly contemporary christian music.  Both services feature on selected weeks a Children's Sermon and special musical selections, along with an uplifting message of hope and inspiration.  And a couple of times throughout the year, both services come together for special occasions such as holidays and youth services.  Learn more about these services by clicking the Worship link to the right.

Grow:  We offer opportunities to grow with the church.  Whether part of a bible study, a youth group, or other special functions, there are many different ministries you can be a part of and have fun with others in the process while you grow spiritually in your journey.  Learn more about these growth opportunities by clicking the Grow link to the right.

Serve:  We offer opportunities to serve inside/outside the church.  Within the church you can be a part of a number of ministries to help with Sunday services, helping with Sunday School or for other seasonal functions.  Outside the church, you can be a part of different community functions to help others, whether it be in service, in having fun, and in spreading the message of who we are and what we believe.  Learn more about these service opportunities by clicking the Serve link to the right.

Whether you want to be a part of Worship, want to Grow with others, or to Serve others, you'll find many opportunities here at First Reformed Church.  Not only will you find fulfillment in these opportunities and help you along in your spiritual journey, you'll be doing it alongside many others and have fun in the process!