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Making your visit to enjoyable

For first time visitors or those who have been here before, we want your visit to be enjoyed, enriching, and exciting as we share with you our mission.  On this page we provide links to various tools you can use in accessing the site, and some general troubleshooting information.

Supported Browsers

In our design of the web site, we worked to make it compatible with the most popular browsers on the market.  Use the following links below to visit the home page and/or download/upgrade to your favorite browser of choice.

Note:  Clicking the above links will open a new browser window or tab.  First Reformed Church is not responsible for the content of these web sites.

Technical Issues

We'll try our best not to be too technical in explaining some of the more common issues you may encounter while visiting our site.  But we do wish to let you know how this web site was put together (so skip the next sentence if you want to avoid a bit of technical speak of sorts).  This web site was designed using Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 Express, utilizing ASP.NET to provide dynamic content and flexibility in providing the features we offer.

OK, with that out of the way, here's some of the more common issues and resolutions you can try to alleviate them.  If it resolves the issue, great!  If not, we also offer some common links to external offerings that may help you resolve your issue.

Q.  The web site doesn't look right.  (Things are out of place, out of shape, etc.)
A.  Your best bet is to check if your web browser is the most recent version.  Some earlier versions of web browsers do not support the features which this web site now contains.  Your best bet is to 1) See if you can check for updates through your web browser, or 2) Click on the image above of the web browser you use, which will redirect you to that browser's home page, and you can check for the latest version there.  Once you update your web browser, see if that remedies the problem.

Q.  The web site looks different between different browsers.
A.  While most web browsers do a good job of rendering the way the web site was designed, each browser may contain an unusual peculiarity or two.  We recommend following the directions above to update your web browser first.  If it still shows up, it's likely the addage "you can't please all the people (or in this case browsers) all the time".  (However, if something really shows up out of whack in one of the browsers, let us know so we can look into it.)

We'll be adding more Q&A in the future as we work out the kinks and learn!